[Queens, NY]

Having closed in the mid-1960s, the Ridgewood Reservoir no longer supplies water to the people of Brooklyn and Queens, but to the wide variety of birds and animals that now make their home here. The entire basin is filled with water, weeds and a young forest. And ticks. Lots of ticks. 'Urban' exploration never felt so rural.

The efflux chamber, pictured below, bears the date "1889." It was a later addition to the original reservior of 1857. The chamber's corroded panels leach a rusty coating on the rusticated stone every time it rains, giving it's exterior a rather warm tone. The building's windows are bricked up, but there is one way to get a look inside to see- what else- cracked windows and peeling paint.

The efflux chamber is a sturdy structure
that appears to be holding up well
An electrician for scale    

Man vs. Nature

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